Why people prefer 3D mink false lashes?

what’s the 3D Mink Lashes?

3D mink lashes are favorited by every beautiful lady. 3D mink false eyelashes are also regarded as a magic weapon to develop eyelash business. How are 3D false eyelashes come? Let’s explore the legend behind 3D mink false eyelashes!


Numerous women have thought of many ways to make their eyes brighter and brighter. Applying eyelash growth liquid, the effect is too slow, and the chemical preparation is easy to irritate the eyes. Brush the mascara to increase the eyelashes, and curl the eyelashes with a curler to make the eyelashes more curled.

But why are the finished eyelashes long and curled up, but they always look awkward and rigid? This is also a problem encountered by our eyelash designers. Why can’t the traditional false eyelashes bring out the natural sense and agility of real eyelashes? Until our outstanding eyelash designer OSCAR observed the secrets of nature.

In nature, the petals of each flower have their own radian, and the radian of each petal is different. Similarly, the leaves of each also have their own curling, and the extension of each leaf is different. . It is this difference that allows us to feel the vitality of the creatures themselves, and to feel that kind of naturalness and agility. Returning to each of our lashes, although short and long, each eyelash in each eye has its own curvature. It is this difference that is the natural beauty and realism we are after.

The design inspiration of 3D mink lashes is derived from the observation of the beauty of nature. We use the mink hair that is most similar to human eyelashes as the main material, abandoning the traditional uniform arc manufacturing process, using the latest technology, so that each The eyelashes have their own radians, show their beauty, and use different curls to create the most realistic natural sense.

3D eyelashes pioneered a new aesthetic. When you take the beauty of you with our 3D mink eyelashes, in addition to comfort and lightness, it also has an unparalleled sense of realism and naturalness. She will perfectly blend with your eyelashes, and show your own in a one-in-one combination of eyes. Natural beauty.

When natural 3D eyelashes became popular all over the world, Oscar did not stop innovating and kept searching for more attractive eyelash styles. Our marketing team is also constantly concerned about customer feedback and new needs for 3D eyelashes.


Lashes designed for custom lashes style

They learned that 3D eyelashes are valued by customers. Lilly is going to host the company’s annual meeting, but she has been struggling to find eyelashes that can still shine under heavy makeup. Oscar knew the news in time and spent several days and nights designing and customizing a 16mm eyelash for Lilly, making Lilly a dazzling star in the audience at the annual meeting.


Looking at the success of the Lilly model, in order to let global women shine on their important occasions, Oscar has expanded the 20mm DM series / 25mm DH series according to different regions, different eye shapes, and different skin colors for women. Next, with the continuous sale of the full range of 3d eyelashes, it has inspired great demand from customers. This also brought endless inspiration to Oscar, and the eyelash DM series was launched one after another. They lit the market again.

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