Horse hair lashes bulk wholesale

Horse hair lashes  is thin and fleshy.

Horsehair eyelashes are more suitable for people with white skin.

Because it doesn’t look so dense, unlike mink hair eyelashes.

The Epidemic Coronavirus is spreading, GAO LASHES care for lashes customers has never diminished!


Since the outbreak of coronavirus in 2009, GAOLASHES has received inquiries and encouragement from eyelash agents and eyelash line partners from all over the world, as well as masks, goggles and other protective equipment sent by them. We are very moved and thank them for their encouragement and support. The epidemic in China has been brought under control.


And our eyelashes friends also experienced an epidemic, especially those are doing eyelash business in the American. Until April 27, the cumulative number of confirmed pneumonia in the new museum in the United States reached more than 980,000, which is really a dark moment in human history. GAOLASHES In addition to directly mailing protective materials such as masks to old eyelash customers, for newly traded customers, 5-10 masks will be attached with the order to facilitate their use in life.


In addition, to providing free protective masks to our eyelash customers and friends now, GAO Lashes has also actively designed a variety of fashionable eyelash packaging boxes, as well as a very affordable set of 3d mink eyelashes and eyelash toolseyelash glue and eyelash tweezers. For the purpose of convenient and quick response to eyelashes clients, the main service content is to receive the lashes package in time for the customer.


Under epidemic conrona virus conditions, DHL Express, UPS Express, Fedex Express, the number of flights has decreased, and the delivery time of eyelash packages to customers has also been extended to 5-6days. GAO Lashes actively communicates with various service express companies to keep the express company’s transportation information timely and accurate Is provided to eyelash customers, hoping to make adjustments according to their market conditions.


Under the conditions of the epidemic conrona virus, eyelashes online shopping has also created some opportunities for the progress of our career. I hope that all eyelash customers can actively operate to provide the best and most timely 25 mm 3d mink eyelash supply services for women’s makeup and beauty loved ones.