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GAO Lashes is famous of Wholesale Eyelash Vendors USA market and Eyelash Manufacturer local at Pingdu, Qingdao city, China. Pingdu city that is hometown of the false eyelashes in the world, there are about 70% false eyelashes produced here. GAO Lashes is the biggest Eyelashes Factory and GAO Lashes has won the trust and support thousands of Lashes Wholesale partners in the world with its fast delivery and high quality products and quickly after-sales service. GAO Lashes is now a well-known wholesale Mink Eyelash Vendors Wholesale in the USA and the world.

In order to Easy on individual lashes extension by yourself DIF, the designer of GAOLashes designing and make the eyelash fans: eyelash fans line 2D, eyelash fans line 3D, eyelash fans line 4D, eyelash fans line 5D. When the girl is doing makeup, the user just cut the short group and wear on. So easy to operate and makeup.

New Lashes Styles– Fluffy Strip Eyelashes – 3D Fluffy Mink Eyelashes

With more than 10 years’ manufacturing experiences, we have exported all kinds of eyelashes to Europe, USA, Korea, Australia, Canada, etc. We can supply the high-quality lashes with affordable lashes prices to wholesale false lashes around the world. As to the styles, we mainly supply mink eyelash extension real mink fur eyelash extension,3d eyelash extensions,luxury mink fur eyelashes, 3d mink fur eyelashes , Horse hair lashes, fox fur eyelashes, human hair eyelashes, handmade false eyelashes and individual eyelashes like flare eyelashes, YY-lashes and W-lashes. These lashes can be packaged with your own private logo LASH BOXES and brand name. We also can duplicate the lashes based on your samples. We sincerely hope to serve all the customers who are interested in our lash products.

we offer OEM and ODM service to clients, have designed over 100 special package for different kinds of eyelash. Our package of real mink fur eyelash is most high quality.

Lashes Bulk wholesale -10 series

There are 10 different lashes bulk wholesale styles. These 10 lashes are hot selling with some newest lashes in the catalogues, such as  25 mm 3d mink eyelash, 20 mm 3d mink lashes, 3d mink lashes, natural mink lashes, bottom lashes and 3d faux mink eyelashes: wand lashes and 3d silk lashes.

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25MM Mink Lashes Catalog

GAO Lashes is one of the best Wholesale 3D Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer and Eyelashes vendors in China , the production and operation center based in QingDao city, China, that is the hometown of false eyelashes, we are focus on Wholesale Lashes ,our eyelashes sell to USA, UK, Canada, Syria and United Arab Emirates, more than 200 countries and areas global.

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Email: gaolashes@huazevalves.com
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The lenth of lashes are 30mm lash hairs, 28mm lash hairs, 25 mm lash hairs, 20mm lash hairs, 16mm lash hairs, 15mm lash hairs, 14mm lash hairs, 12mm lash hairs, 10mm lash hairs, 7mm lash hairs. and the thickness of  lash hairs are natural.

lashes handmade

The curls of full strip lashes are most ‘C Curls‘ and ‘B Curls‘, only small part of lashes curls are ‘D Curls‘ and ‘E Curls‘. And the natural lashes curls to meet most human eyelash styles.

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There are many new designs of eyelashes and lashes boxes wholesale for the coming festivals : Halloween and Christmas

Luxury Eyelashes Model Show

The colors of the full strip lashes wholesale are black lashes, black hairs and black soft cotton band . There are some colorful lashes we can do as well, such the sexy color purple and pink, luxury lash color light yellow and gold,  brooding eye color blue color and so on.

Lashes models show

The Newest Lashes & eyelash packaging boxes

  1. Customers don’t want to be cheap eyelashes, they want to have good feeling 3D mink eyelashes .
  2. Talk less about luxury 3D mink eyelashes price,but more about value of GAO eyelashes with customers. Value makes high prices irresistible, GAO Lashes insist on the top quality lashes always.
  3. There are no wrong customers of lashes inquiry, only bad eyelashes sales, looking for problems from their own on eyelashes line.
  4. It doesn’t matter what you sell, but how you sell high level of valuable eyelashes to your customers.
  5. There is best lashes we have, and the most suitable eyelashes styles for customers.
  6. There is no such thing as a sales task that can’t be completed, only the salesperson who can’t introduce the lashes services completely well.


How to order mink lashes from GAO Lashes wholesale vendor ?

When new eyelashes design styles are released, it is our responsibility as the supplier to introduce  eyelashes to our customers. How to book lash samples and lashes order?  It especially to the beginners. This is how we do it,

1.Salesman will send you the Lashes catagloues, lashes videos and lashes  photos of new and hot selling lash styles.

Our sales are very skilled and our level of creativity is high and we are ready to send you part of our creativity to try our unique and high-quality lashes which will give you more confidence and attractive nature.You  can just tell him the lashes styles codes you are favorited on, such as 25mm 3D mink lashes DH003,DH002,DH005; 20mm 3D mink lashes, DM 02,DM8,DM15; 3D mink lashes 3D09,3D75,3D104…etc.

2.Customer sending back the feedback on which lashes samples are required

The customer is responsible to send the lashes codes or lashes photos of the samples that she/he will like and that will be easier for our order processing procedures and it reduces unnecessary inconveniences.

3. Custom eyelash packaging box selection

Customers are expected to choose the type of lash package they want and this will depend on the requirements of their customers. Our packaging boxes are of different shapes and colors such that. We will

4.Payment Procedures

Payment procedures can be done through PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram and other means that customer will suggest. But these methods are best in ensuring security of your money.

5.Shipping procedures

After receiving the payments and having all the information necessary we will send the samples through assured transport agents like DHL, FEDEX and others which will be suggested by our customers. We choose our transport agents depending on their delivery time and we believe in good business reputation, which supply products as fast as we can to maintain trust and create good relationship with our customers.

Hope the procedures given are helpful to you guys and we welcome you to do business with us.

Eyelash Tools – eyelash glue and eyelash applicator

bannners of mink lashes wholesale
bannners of mink lashes wholesale

About GAO Lashes 

Qingdao GAO Lashes Handcraft Co., Ltd Wholesales lashes 10 Series Of Handmade 3D Mink Eyelashes and Silk Lashes To Global Markets

Summary: Qingdao Gao Lashes Handcraft Co., Ltd wants to inform the world market about its newly produced mink eyelashes that has caught many conventional manufacturers’ pants in the production set.

August 5, 2020- Qingdao GAO Lashes Co. Ltd for the first time has won the attention of the world market after producing high tech, durable, and quality mink lashes with the correct taste and preference that for ages has been discerned by customers. They have become very popular these days and are now considered almost a must-have for dressing up for a night-out or adding a touch of glamour to everyday life. With so many options on the market, users can find the best item that suits them. These modern lashes consist of selected mink fur hair that is simply brushed by hand from live mink. They are not exposed to chemicals or dyes and therefore retain their velvety appearance. Their looks are the reason why so many celebrities on the A list wear them. The company representative Mr Justin Gao said in an interview that these lashes are hand-made, very safe and cannot cause a hypersensitive reaction to the skin.

Qingdao GAO Lashes Handcraft Co., Ltd is the best place for clients to select the suitable luxury eyelashes wholesale for the face. Fast shipping, high-quality products and affordable prices. They will provide the different kits, extension guide along with the eyelashes. They as well offer the training for selection of eyelashes and fixing procedures of the eyelashes. Selection of eyelashes may depend on the person itself and up to some extent on the personal choice of the person. This wholesale store also offers an eye-lashes guide, and by going through the guide, the users may be benefited.

The new 3D mink lashes from Qingdao GAO Lashes Handcraft Co., Ltd are incredibly luxurious and beautiful. They differ from the usual false eyelashes or fiber eyelashes in the way they are manufactured and in their appearance. The make is different, as 3D is defined. “3D implies three-dimensional, which implies they are fuzzy layered, and not flat. They are super customizable and look real. With great care, they can last for six to eight weeks.

3D silk lashes are extremely useful for users who have thin and short eyelashes. Furthermore, they are of immense use to individuals who wish to transform their outlook by applying some of the modern eyelash available in the market. The thickness and length of these lashes can be altered using the right technique. What’s more, they are available in many designs, colors, and shades, leaving users spoilt for choice.

About Qingdao GAO Lashes Handcraft Co., Ltd

Qingdao GAO Lashes Handcraft Co., Ltd is one of the world’s leading eyelashes manufacturers and eyelashes vendor of high- quality hair care product and mink lashes. The firm has a diverse portfolio of different eyelashes sold in 120 countries. Since its inception, the firm has had a lasting impact on all aspects of the beauty industry. Today, the company continues to new standards in the global premium cosmetic market, making it one of the world’s most famous cosmetics companies. 

We have 10 different series of lashes, lashes tools, and custom lashes cases, such as 3d mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes, 25mm 3d mink lashes , vegan lashes: 3d silk lashes , wand lashes ; lashes adhensive and lashes glues, and lashes tweezers…etc.

The designer will show the newest lashes styles here every week.

We do  custom lashes packaging boxes as well. The CMYK print lashes logo and hot stamping logo and 3D-print logo for the cases as per your requirments.

Please feel free to contact us, Our 24 hours service line : whatsApp.+86 18660292901.

Thanks & Regards


Company: Qingdao GAO Lashes Handcraft Co., Ltd.

Address: Qingdao,China

Tel: whatsApp.: +86 18660 292901

Site: https://www.gaolashes.com

Email: gaolashes@gaolashes.com

Our Teams

GAOLASHES Happy Chinese New Year 2021

Hello Friends,

As time flying, we will have the 2021 Chinese New Year holiday(Feb.11-17). Thank you very much for your help and support in the last year. GAOlashes will continue to make luxurious and top-quality eyelashes. We will work with partners and friends to jointly develop our beauty line and a bright future.

In the past 2020, GAOlashes achieved sales of 1.2 million US dollars. Our 20mm mink lashes, 3D mink eyelashes wholesale, and 25mm 3D mink lashes are favored by consumers in many countries. At present, in-depth partners mainly come from eyelash agents and eyelash offices in the United States, Canada, Britain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Saudi Arabia. Thank you, friends, for your support.

In particular, the development of GAOLASHES customized eyelash services provides a great idea for the development of our eyelash business in 2020. At present, there are more and more eyelash customers who customize eyelash styles, and many consumers need to customize eyelashes that meet their own characteristics from their own eye makeup. The design department and production department of our GAOLashes will continue to follow the eyelash customization rules to provide the best quality service to the beauty lovers all over the world.

The year 2020 was an extraordinary year. People all over the world are facing the spread and prevention of severe COV-19 virus. We use the internet platform working together and express delivery service to provide the best quality false eyelash bulk products to friends all over the world who love beauty, and provide services and support for the career development of hundreds of GAOLashes eyelash distributors. False eyelashes are light in weight, small in size, and easy to express. It is a product that is very suitable for young friends to start a business and expand online sales.

In 2021,the teams of GAOlashes and I will continue to design high-quality eyelashes and make eyelashes by handmade. Together with our friends in the beauty industry, we will transit GAOlashes wholesale eyelashes to everyone who loves beauty, making you more beautiful, and making the world more exciting because of our GAOlashes eyelashes bulk.  Thank you!

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