Festival Eyelashes and lashes packages

To promote the eyelashes business, our lashes designer made the 2 styles of 3dminkeyelashes : witch eyelashes and Black cat Eyelashes

This kind witch lashes are super long and curl big.

The halloween lashes boxes are designing to meet the festival as well

These eyelash boxes are made 3D printed pattern. Your eyelash logo can do design on it as well.

New hot selling customized eyelashes boxes — Diamond-Face eyelash boxes

GAO LASHES designing team made a series of eyelashes boxes custom, Diamond- face lashes boxes

These Customize Eyelash Packaging Box are made of art-paper card. We can make eyelash logo sticker on the eyelashes trays.

Beside of diamond face eyelash boxes, we have the plastic materials diamond lashes cases

We can put the logo on top of lash cases or make eyelash logo stickers for the eyelashes trays