25mm Mink Strip Lashes bulk wholesale

25mm Mink Strip Lashes – GAO LASHES Inspire

25mm mink lashes wholesale GAO Lashes. The designing intention of 25mm Lashes is that customers in the United States and Europe are unfettered in character, and they prefer to use exaggerated makeup to show themselves more perfectly. Because of the need for makeup, the more attractive the eyelashes are, the more intensive they are to make them more attractive.

25mm Mink Lashes Vendor – Lash workers

Due to their very long length, 25mm Lashes have overcome many difficulties in the production. The length of each natural bristled eyelash is limited. The longer the length of the lashes, the smaller the space that the skill workers can operate during the placement of the hairs. It costs more time in the production of eyelashes, because a single shake will make all the lashes wrong. Therefore, the rejection rate of
25mm Lashes is very high. It takes at least six months to train a group of excellent eyelash operating workers.

25mm mink lashes bulk wholesale – Raw Materials

GAO Lashes is also very strict with the raw materials to produce 25mm Mink Lashes. We only use the hair of the tail of the 1-2 year old otter. In order to ensure the softness and toughness of the hair, we only use natural falling hair, free cruelty, and the natural falling hair will not break their hair tips. The original state of the mane is maintained. Moreover, all of us are vegetarian and cruel-free to treat animal friends who provide us with hair.

25mm 3d Mink Lashes – Lashes value

Many customers have asked us why you 25mm Mink Lashes bulk Wholesale Vendors are much higher than other eyelashes on the market.

All friends of the eyelash line, please understand carefully: Low prices will never buy quality products. Just like you can buy a Hermès bag for $100? Haha, it’s right to tell a joke. All high-priced products are right for their quality, and their quality is also worth the price they deserve.

Every pair of lashes is handmade by our skill workers. The lashes are have their own spirit and soul. Please value every pair of GAO lashes.