28mm Mink Lashes

28mm 3D mink eyelashes are long styles lashes, that designed and manufactured for the customers in sepecial concert and stage. The 28mm 3d mink eyelashes series are longer than the 25mm eyelashes and the length between 27mm lashes and 30mm lashes.

28mm 3D mink lashes is too long for the daily life, so the users only for the special perform or personal show. People are seldom in huge demand.

GAOLASHES are designed and handmade these lashes in high quality mink hairs and cottons as well as the 3d mink lashes. But there are not huge stock here , only 50pairs of each in usuall. So GAO LASHES do the lashes bulk stock usually as per the market demand. If you need the samples of 28mm 3d mink lashes, please feel free to contact us. Our paypal: node900@aliyun.com