13mm 3D Mink lashes

13mm 3d mink lashes are shorter styles that lashes designed and lashes handmade for the people the eye sockets are not deep and the color of skin are white and yellow.

13mm eyelashes are 3d styles process in handmade production in our own lashes factory.  The workers processing as same the the 3d mink lashes 16mm.

13mm 3d mink lashes are handmade by 100% real mink fur, 100% soft cotton. The mink hair is best materiasl use for the false lashes, because of it’s natural looking when wearing . And the cotton band are soft that will be very comfortable in wearing.

Luxury 3d mink eyelashes 13mm series, that most length between  12mm and 14mm. As per the experience of people’ characteristic eye shape and socket deepth. The Asia people is usually have 7mm-10mm lashes that will shine the makeup. And the Europe and US market of white skin people are wearing the length of lashes 12-16mm.


wholesale 3D mink lashes 13mm bulk stock here, we designed these style lashes and hope that all lashes styles are favorited by Europe markets. And some parts other areas. The acctuall the most buyers are from united States.

GAO Lashes are designing and producing the lashes by ourselves  or in our own lashes factory. All lash styles are designed by our lashes designer that we are treating every pair of lashes in our true heart and transit the beautity by true heart. The most beautiful thing is from the heart.