New hot selling lashes case -Trolley lashes case introduction

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You are very lucky to see the new hot trolley lash boxes here. This kind lashes box looks like the Kid’s toy that  pack 2-4 pairs of 25 mm 3d mink eyelash and 3d eyelashes. There are most favorited colors are pink and beige colors, of course there are other colors as well,such as purple , red , blue…

Now, let introduce you the details of this new hot trolley lash boxes :

What Lashes styles and lash trays can pack?

There are two sizes of trolley lash boxes for 2 pairs and 4 pairs. The trays for the boxes one tray or 4 pieces of single tray. The lash trays are clear and white two colors for choice. so the lashes boxes can pack the 28mm 3d mink lashes, 25 mm 6D mink lashes, 25 mm 3d mink eyelash, 20mm 3d mink lashes, natural mink lashes and 3d faux mink eyelashes etc. full strip lashes.

What Lashes background can be made?

If you don’t like the original color of box cases background, you can choose the colors paper to cover it. There are many colors of lash papers we have, such as holographic, pink, red, gold, rose gold, dark red, silver, white glitter, pink glitter…etc.

What lashes tools can be loaded in?

There are enough spaces for the lash’s tools. We can put the lashes tools in the lash boxes together, such as lash glues, lashes applicators, lashes tweezers and lashes scissors besides of the lashes.

Can we do custom lash logo on it ?

Yes, we can do 3D-print lash logos and logo stickers on it.

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It’s not only the lashes packaging box, but also a funny toy.  If you don’t want the kid’s around you near to disturb your work, you can give this toy to them. You will find it’s really a good tool to you in your daily life. Just feel free to contact me soon. My WhatsApp. +86 18660 292901